The beginning

         In the fall of 2006, Precision Ag owner Andy Fitzpatrick decided to take a big risk by starting a company at what was the beginning the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930's. Having worked in the farming industry for most of his life, turning his focus to crop nutrition and application in 1991, he knew it was the road he'd be happiest and most successful taking. While running heavy equipment for a construction company following the closure of the retail/custom application company where he was previously employed, Andy started taking soil samples and providing fertilizer and lime recommendations for farmers he was able to remain in contact with. As these farmers continued seeing consistent improvements across farms and the ease of working with Andy, business started to pick up. Due to Andy's busy schedule working full time as well as trying to startup a business, he taught his son Austin, who was finishing high school at the time, to take samples while is wife Stacey assisted with the paperwork.  

The middle

         After years of doing what he knew how to do best, Andy was able to leave his construction job and focus all of his efforts on his passion. Now equipped with a Terra-Gator and Ro-Gator for dry and liquid application and another helping hand or two, he was finally starting to see the hard work and long, tiresome days start to pay off. His knack for building trustworthy relationships with his customers and expertise of the trade had built him a solid customer base of faces both old and new. Continuing to grow, it became clear to him he wouldn't be able to operate from his home office much longer. 


         Now, using the knowledge he has accrued over the past 26 years and the same great customer service, Andy has moved Precision Ag to a location away from home. From a home office and driveway to a shop, office building, fertilizer barn, and liquid storage barn, Precision Ag is now a full retail and application operation able to serve all of it's customers needs. For 10 years, Precision Ag has been the only independent fertilizer company in Fayette county. Never losing sight of what he believed in, Andy has staffed his company with people holding the same core values to make sure his company maintains the poise and professionalism he started it with in the beginning.