Xtreme-N Stabilized Nitrogen Fertilizer is a trademarked product at Precision Ag. Formulated precisely to our liking, Xtreme-N is a versatile urea nitrogen product with top notch stabilization traits. With up to 20 days above ground protection and as many as 45 days below ground protection, it truly is as the top of its class in it's category. Xtreme-N has also been treated with a special polymer to assure the quality of the product and furthermore to make sure we don't lose product placement after a big rain like some of the other products of its kind. 



  • Dry Fertilizers (Potash, Map, Dap, Xtreme-N, Urea, Pelletized Lime, All Micronutrients)
  • Ag lime and Gypsum (on site delivery)
  • Liquid Fertilizers (28% UAN, 10-34-0, low salt liquid row starters)
  • Herbicides, Pesticides, and Fungicides
  • Nutrient stabilizers
  • Seed (Corn, Soybean, Cover Crop, Grain/Forage)